Rental conditions

Enjoy peace of mind on your holiday!

Please read the following text thoroughly. We cannot be held responsible if clients do not follow the general terms and policies below. If something is not clear, please ask for a better explanation. Ignorance of the terms is no excuse.

To increase our customers' safety, we have equipped all our vehicles with a tracking system!

All of our vehicles are non-smoking, and please keep them that way!

We can not guarantee the exact car model, and you will always receive a car from the same class/group or higher if the selected group is unavailable during your rental period.

Age-Driving license:

According to the insurance company's regulations, holders of driving licenses issued in Greece are subject to the conditions of the Greek law.

According to the insurance regulation, the minimum required driver's age is 23 for type A, B, or C vehicles. All other groups have a minimum driver's age of 24 years, except for the minivan and luxury vehicles, for which the driver must be over 26 years. All drivers must hold a valid driving license issued at least one year before the rental. The maximum age to rent a vehicle is 77 years old!

Suppose the age restrictions are unmet (21-23 or 77-82 years). In that case, the comprehensive insurance is provided with a self-risk of 600€ for a group A, B, or C type, 800 euros for the other groups, and 1200 euros for the minivan and luxury vehicles.

Please note that we do not check the driver's age when we receive a booking.

Fuel Policy:

Same fuel level: the car must be returned with the same amount of petrol or diesel as delivered!

Delivery and Collection of vehicles:

No Transfers - No Waiting. Free delivery and collection to/from airport & port, between 08:00 and 22:00 hrs.

Returning the vehicle after hours is free of charge.

Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel your reservation without any cost up to 48 hours before picking up our rental car.

No additional charges on flight delays between the office working hours:

Our representatives are informed about arrival times and possible alterations. They will wait for your flight to arrive at the airport for the car delivery, even in case of delays.


In case of an unfortunate accident/breakdown and the car can't drive, it will be replaced with another one within 24 hours from when the accident/breakdown has been reported.

Our company has the right to investigate the causes of the accident/breakdown and deny replacement if its use was against the terms & conditions.

The legal authorities (traffic police or insurance company representatives) are the only entities authorized to provide an official written report.

Insurance conditions after causing damage to the car due to the renter's mistake:

The insurance cannot cover the repeated carelessness and negligence of the renter!

If the car is damaged due to the renter's mistake, the insurance covers the entire cost of the damage the first time!

After that, the insurance is automatically converted from no excess (no personal risk) to with excess (personal risk), 600€ for groups A, B, C, 800€ for the other groups, and 1200€ euros for the 7-9 minivan and luxury vehicles.

Shipping of Cars out of the island:

Shipping cars off the island is not allowed, as we can't provide service in case of an accident or a breakdown!

Tire Damages:

Replacing a flat tire with a spare is the driver's responsibility. It is not covered by road assistance. For people who are not able to replace it due to health problems or other incapability or special case, road assistance will be provided without any extra charge!

The tires and the underneath of the car are only covered when you drive on asphalt roads. If you have a flat tire, you must immediately stop the vehicle and deal with the situation. The insurance does not cover non-repairable/burst tires. If the tire is repairable, the customer may repair it, and the company must refund any costs.

Lost Keys:

All our car keys are chip-coded, and their replacement is costly and time-consuming. In case of lost keys, you will be charged 150.00 - 400.00 Euros (depending on the car model) plus any associated shipping and labor costs to get the replacement keys to you.

Late Returns:

For vehicle drop-offs, a maximum tolerance of 30 minutes from the agreed drop-off time is allowed, after which an extra day's rental will be charged.

For vehicle extensions, the customer must inform us before the rental expires. If the customer does not inform us, the expenses caused by the unconfirmed extension must be paid by the customer upon returning the rental vehicle.

Pets in the car:

We do not allow pets in our cars as other customers may be allergic to animals and any contact could trigger an allergic reaction!

If you do transport a pet in our car, we will have to remove the seats to biologically clean the car!

In this case, we will charge the renter 200 euros!

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