Insurance Terms

Important and essential terms of use of the vehicle:

Your rental car is protected with our Premium Insurance!

In the event of damage or theft to the car, you are not required to pay any excess as long as the use of the vehicle is according to the terms & conditions below.

At rental car pick-up, no credit card deposit is required, and you will not be asked to pay extra for additional insurances.

We provide Full insurance with no excess, no risk for the renter (CDW no excess, FDW= Full Damage Waiver, PAI=Personal Accident Insurance, FI=Fire Insurance, TI=Theft insurance, WUG=Wheels underneath Glasses Insurance), and we don't hold any guarantee of a credit card.

Accident Procedure:

In case of an accident, the renter must contact our company immediately to receive instructions on handling the situation. You are not allowed to leave the incident place without reporting the accident. If you cannot contact our company, you should contact the police directly.

Without an accident/damage report, the renter is responsible for the full amount of the repairs! With this report, the renter's responsibility is eliminated.

No accident/damage report is accepted on the return of the car without prior notification.

All insurance coverage & waivers are valid, provided the renter has complied with all terms & conditions. The renter is obliged to pay for repair costs of any damage caused to the rental vehicle if the use of the car is not proper, as below:

  1. When the renter violates significant traffic rules: (STOP signs, RED traffic lights, speed limits, road direction, U-turns, illegal overpassing, double line overpassing).
  2. For damages caused when the renter is distracted, misjudges his course, and goes out of the road,
  3. The car driver is under the influence of alcohol or any drug that affects their ability to drive the vehicle.
  4. The vehicle is operated on any unauthorized road, non-asphalt road, and dirt road or off-road (e.g., Balos).
  5. The vehicle is driven by any person disqualified from holding or has never held a driver's license appropriate for that vehicle or is not a registered driver in this agreement.
  6. The vehicle is operated outside the hire or any agreed extension of that term.
  7. The renter wilfully or recklessly damages the car (note: burning out a clutch, sitting/standing on the bonnet/boot/roof of the vehicle, damages to the vehicle interior).
  8. If the renter doesn't take all the necessary precautions for secure parking.
  9. The car is operated in any race, speed test, rally, contest, or the vehicle is used for profit (taxi or courier service).
  10. Use of the wrong type of fuel.

No insurance covers damages to the interior of the car! The renter will be charged for burnt or torn seats, broken interior window glasses or mirrors, broken accessories, or damaged internal parts!

The renter must pay all penalties for traffic violations and any fines due to the authorities' removal of the registration plates! The renter is also responsible for the labor costs of re-acquiring the registration plates.

Please, don't forget that in Greece the paperwork with the authorities is complicated and usually takes a long time!

We cannot give a refund if you return the vehicle earlier or with more fuel than required.

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